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Most intelligent matching

  • Over 100 signals analyzed per member
  • Continuous learning factors in how you rate previous matches
  • Every algorithmic match is reviewed by a human curation team in Seattle

Top talent

  • Members from top universities and working at most selective employers
  • Recruiters who focus on working with the most sought-after professionals
  • Poachable's founders formerly worked at Google and Amazon
  • Poachable is backed by top angels like former general counsel of Facebook and Vulcan Capital

Highest performing intros

  • 5 step matching process prior to any introduction
  • Match prediction must meet threshold before process can even begin
  • Member and Employer Quality score ensures both sides are acting in good faith

Best member experience

  • Review and act on alerts anytime from mobile emails
  • 1 business day turnaround on customer support emails
  • Product improvements and new features shipped at least once a week

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